Black Angus has processed venison and other wild game for more than 40 years.  Processing is done in a separate clean refrigerated facility.  Complete cutting instructions are taken at the time of drop off.  We cut and freezer wrap all boneless cuts in convenient size packages.  We guarantee to return to you your own cuts (steaks, roasts, chops, and grind).  Any processed meats (sausage and jerky) are done communally.  An approximate pick-up day will be given when your deer is dropped off.  We will call when we have the order complete.  Please bring your copy of the order for pick up.

Do you want to process your own deer?  Bring us your trim and we will grind and package it, or turn it into sausage.  Hours vary from archery to shot gun season, but we will be open evenings and weekends.  Please call for further details 691-4554

stepsBlack Angus Deer Processing • 2519 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Amherst, NY 14228
Deer Processing Business Hours: 9am – 8pm

  • When you plan to drop off your deer, please call us at (716) 691-4554 so we can be ready for you.
  • When you arrive please pull to the back of the store. Someone should be there for you.
  • Print and Fill out the Order Form. Click Here to Download Form
  • Turn Around time may vary during Archery Season for processed foods.
  • We will call you when your food is ready.
  • Payment is due upon pickup.

Thank You for choosing Black Angus, and best of luck for safe hunting season.